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White Papers


Bridging Virtualization to Cloud: Managing Applications in a Hybrid Environment

This white paper addresses how enterprises can bridge the gap between virtualization and cloud computing at the software layer. If you're thinking about moving your software and applications to the cloud, this paper will help you understand how to: ensure your software will run in a hybrid environment; migrate existing applications to the cloud; and build simple or complex application solutions for the cloud.

Get the white paper here in Japanese.



UShareSoft Overview

This datasheet explains how UShareSoft helps enterprises, cloud providers and ISVs can build, migrate, ship and govern any software for any hybrid cloud.


UForge for Cloud Providers

This datasheet explains how UForge enables cloud providers to generate new revenue streams and sell more IaaS with complementary software onboarding services such as Migration as a Service and a software app store.


UForge for the Enterprise

This document discusses UForge benefits for enterprises, including how to bridge between virtualization and cloud, and manage software in a hybrid environment.

Partner Datasheets


UShareSoft, SUSE and Wipro

Powered by SUSE and UShareSoft, Wipro's Open Source Cloud lets you broker cloud services across your organisation and stay in control of your applications, while protecting existing IT investments.


UForge for Microsoft Azure

This datasheet outlines how you can easily build software templates or migrate live servers to Microsoft Azure using UForge.


UShareSoft & SUSE Cloud

This datasheet outlines how you can easily onboard, migrate, distribute and govern applications for SUSE Cloud, and get your own enterprise app store for SUSE Cloud.


UShareSoft & Flexiant

Together, Flexiant and UShareSoft help service providers overcomes potential issues with managing server images and migrating workloads from one platform to another.


UShareSoft & Eranea

This document details UShareSoft's and Eranea's joint solution for migrating your mainframe applications to cloud progressively and without risk.


UShareSoft & Abiquo

This document details how Abiquo and UShareSoft can help build your enterprise private cloud with automated software onboarding.