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UForgeNow SaaS Platform

Build VMs and Migrate Servers for Any Cloud

UForgeNow SaaS platform is designed to help individuals and small businesses start delivering applications to cloud. Offering all the functionality of our on-premise UForge AppCenter platform, UForgeNow includes easy-to-use, visual tools to let you quickly build VMs and migrate servers for any cloud. Get started today with a free account.

Build VMs and Application Templates

Universal Templating for Any Cloud

Visually design and model your full software stack — OS packages, middleware and application — as a meta-data server template. Easily clone templates and manage the life-cycle, quickly maintaining with security patches and other updates. Generate to any cloud or hypervisor in a single click. UForgeNow offers access to free Linux operating systems, as well as Windows Evaluation Version.
Model server templates
DevOps Integration

Flexible DevOps Integration

Include configuration logic, bootscripts and agents in your templates to allow ongoing system management using tools such as Puppet or Chef.

Generate to Any Cloud

UForgeNow supports all leading clouds, containers and hypervisors, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Docker, Apache CloudStack and Citrix CloudPlatform, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Abiquo, Flexiant, Vagrant and more. Simply generate your template to your chosen format(s) in one click.
Run on any cloud
Share server templates

Enterprise Workspaces

UForgeNow includes enterprise workspaces and social networking features that let you collaborate and share server templates with other UForgeNow users throughout the design and delivery process.

Maintain Governance

UForgeNow users benefit from their own "My Software" catalog allowing you to upload and maintain your own software component libraries for use in your templates.
Maintain Governance

Migrate Servers Between Clouds

Migrate & Replicate Workloads

UForgeNow scans live server systems analyzing all the software components, OS packages and licenses. Simply re-package for another cloud for instant migration or replication, or model your system as a meta-data server template, which can be customized, extended or updated.
Scan Live Systems
Create Incremental Scan

Audit and Manage

Schedule incremental scans of your servers to see the differences since the last scan, and identify at a glance what changes have been made to your systems for security and auditing purposes.