UShareSoft Announces UForge 3.6, Best Unified Application Center for Hybrid IT Infrastructures

Best-in-Class Enterprise Platform for Automating End-to-End Application Governance and Delivery for Hybrid ITaaS Environments; Offers Application Build, Migrate, Ship and Govern for Cloud & Containers

Paris, France and San Francisco, Calif., Oct 15, 2015 - UShareSoft today announced new releases of its cloud application delivery products, UForge AppCenter 3.6 and UForge Marketplace 3.1. UShareSoft continues to build significant momentum in the market, with new initiatives in place including the AppHub European open source marketplace, new global distribution partners such as Crayon, and new customers including the Talend Exchange Marketplace.

"2015 has been an excellent year so far for UShareSoft. We're gaining huge market traction in both Europe and Asia, signing several new partners and winning customers over our competitors in both regions. 2016 is shaping up to be another great year," said Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft.

UForge AppCenter 3.6—for building new cloud-native applications or migrating existing applications with no recoding—and UForge Marketplace 3.1—for self-service application delivery to end users through an enterprise app store or cloud marketplace—include a raft of new features such as Docker support, Windows server migration to any cloud, a slicker user interface and support for 3rd-party plugins.

Deployed on premise, the UForge platform provides a single application hub for building, migrating, delivering and governing VMs and containers for bare metal servers, virtualized datacenters and major public and private clouds including Apache CloudStack, AWS, Ikoula, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Outscale, VMware and many more. This hybrid support, combined with fully automated delivery processes, DevOps integration and self-service access to applications, allows enterprises to move easily to ITaaS environments and bridge the gap between infrastructure, application and operations teams.

"Hybrid cloud is not about moving IT workloads between clouds. The importance of hybrid lies in enabling enterprises to easily allocate those workloads to their "best execution venue"," said William Fellows, research vice president, 451 Research. "Tools such as UShareSoft's let enterprises move their focus away from the underlying infrastructure towards IT as a service implementations that support business goals."

UForge AppCenter 3.6

New features and enhancements in UForge AppCenter 3.6 include:

Improved User Interface

Fully Agnostic Platform

Window Server Migration

Improved Software Templating

3rd-Party Plugins

UForge Marketplace 3.1

New features and enhancements in UForge Marketplace 3.1 include:

"AppHub, the European open source marketplace, is based on UShareSoft's UForge AppCenter and Marketplace products," said Peter Deussen, Project Coordinator, AppHub. "Using the AppCenter, European open source projects can quickly assemble their software as a "ready-to-run" application template which is then exposed through an online marketplace allowing end users to easily choose and deliver the software to cloud."

"We're working with UShareSoft to distribute UForge AppCenter and UForge Marketplace to over 1,400 cloud provider partners throughout Europe," said Mike Vilain, Vice President xSP Hosting, Crayon. "We see a real market need for both products to help providers accelerate the adoption of their cloud infrastructure, improve their competitive position, and develop their own ecosystem."

"We launched our Hybrid Cloud Toolbox based on the UForge AppCenter earlier in the year. Using the Toolbox, our Public Cloud customers can migrate their software more quickly and we're now rolling it out to customers of our managed infrastructure and other services," said Jules Henri Gavetti, CEO, Ikoula.

"We're using UShareSoft's technology to speed up software onboarding and migration to our enterprise-class cloud. UForge AppCenter lets us easily manage our own cloud infrastructure templates, as well as allowing us to expose white-label services to our customers to quickly scale our public cloud business," said Laurent Seror, CEO, Outscale.

"We recently launched a brand new Talend Exchange, our global add-on hub for Talend Integration Cloud and Studio products, using UShareSoft's UForge Marketplace," said Laurent Bride, CTO, Talend. "Our ISV ecosystem partners and overall community can now share their Talend extensions far more quickly, enabling them to get to end users faster."

About UShareSoft

UShareSoft helps cloud providers, enterprises and ISVs build, ship, migrate and govern applications for virtual datacenters and public, private or hybrid clouds. UShareSoft offers UForge AppCenter, an end-to-end application delivery platform for hybrid IT; UForgeNow, an online SaaS platform offering full AppCenter functionality; and UForge Marketplace, a dynamic platform for building cloud software marketplaces and enterprise app stores. UShareSoft has headquarters in Europe and offices in the United States and Japan. Visit: Follow us at


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