Ikoula Launches New Hybrid Cloud Toolbox Powered by UShareSoft

Offers Public Cloud Customers Faster "Time to Cloud" with No Lock-In

Paris, France and San Francisco, Calif., May 19, 2015 - Ikoula and UShareSoft today announced Ikoula's new Hybrid Cloud Toolbox, powered by UShareSoft's UForge AppCenter, cloud application templating and migration services. The Toolbox enables Ikoula customers to easily onboard and migrate applications to Ikoula's Public Cloud as well as to other public or private clouds. Drawing on UForge's native hybrid cloud functionality, Ikoula's Toolbox offers customers a fast, flexible way to take advantage of public cloud benefits with full reversibility and governance.

Unlike many other public clouds, Ikoula customers will benefit from:

"The new Hybrid Cloud Toolbox based on UForge is an excellent way of getting customers onto our cloud more quickly through simple server migration. It also offers us new opportunities for hybrid cloud services with universal templating tools that provide easy onboarding to Ikoula's cloud, and reversibility with no lock in," said Jules Henri Gavetti, CEO of Ikoula.

"Service providers need to differentiate themselves with new value-added services that compliment their IaaS infrastructure. Bridging their cloud to partners and enterprise customers with self-service hybrid tools is a real competitive advantage that enables providers to scale their cloud business, revenue and ecosystem," said Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft.

Initially available to Ikoula's Public Cloud customers, the company plans to expand Hybrid Cloud Toolbox to other hosting services later this year. Ikoula is offering three separate pricing plans to meet different customer requirements, with the first month free for the entry-level plan.

About Ikoula

Ikoula is creator of web hosting and application hosting solutions. Founded in 1998, the French hosting provider owns its Data Centers located in France (Picardie and Champagne-Ardennes). With years of experience in virtualization, Ikoula has been successful in adapting its infrastructure to play a decisive role within the Cloud Computing revolution, offering Private Cloud and Public Cloud solutions. The company places innovation, simplicity and customer satisfaction at the heart of its solutions. With adapted commercial offers, Ikoula is able to serve professionals and very small businesses as well as SME and large companies. Visit: express.ikoula.com/en/hybrid-cloud. Follow: twitter.com/ikoula_EN.

About UShareSoft

UShareSoft helps cloud providers, enterprises and ISVs build, ship, migrate and govern applications for virtual datacenters and public, private or hybrid clouds. UShareSoft offers UForge AppCenter, an end-to-end enterprise DevOps platform; and Marketplace, a dynamic platform for building cloud software marketplaces and enterprise app stores. UShareSoft has headquarters in Europe and offices in the United States and Japan. Visit: www.usharesoft.com. Follow us at twitter.com/usharesoft


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